Hello and Welcome to Jarvis Hunt Consultancy (JHC)

Hi there, as this is my first blog, please bear with me.  I have not ever blogged before, but have been eager to get this off the ground for sometime. I just needed something to get the juices flowing, and finally I have.

This blog is set up as a link on Jarvis Hunt Consultancy’s website www.jarvishuntconsultancy.com.au.  Please feel free to check it out, follow the company page and myself on LinkedIn au.linkedin.com/in/lindsayjarvishuntconsultancy and please spread the word and especially, communicate with me.  It’s still a work in progress so please keep checking in and suggestions for topics are welcome.  Just to give you some background on myself and JHC:

I’m a former Senior Scientist that started up JHC so I could do what I love under my own terms.  I have over 15 years experience in water analysis, specialising in phytoplankton analysis, especially blue green algae and over 10 years training in it.  After my position was made redundant, I found my skills were in demand, but not remunerated on the scale that most specialised training is and so, JHC was born.  This is the core passion, but with operational management, quality assurance, laboratory, human resource and safety experience, the bread and butter work is usually in the form of documentation, audit and process improvement.  But I love a challenge, so if I find the challenge in the work, I’m hooked.

I have no idea where the business will end up.  That sounds like a crazy statement and it is, but I’ve learned to let go a little and see where it wanders.  I do have a business plan, and a vision of where I want it to end up, but right now, I’m letting the business grow roots and encouraging new shoots and direction towards the next step in the plan.  So here’s the vision I work towards, using the royal ‘we’.

JHC is a company that gives back.  We give back to our community by employing and purchasing locally where possible.  We want to encourage our youth and indigenous Australians into science, and supporting their education and opportunity for anyone that works with us, to reach their full potential.  We will also support local schools with their science and environmental education programs.  An innovative company, dedicated to finding the best methods, highest standards in quality and excellence in customer service.  We want to reduce our impact on this world, building a more sustainable environment and scientific industry.  We want to be an employer of choice, that invests in its people.  Providing work-life balance, flexibility and supporting them through professional development.  Where all staff have a voice, the opportunity to participate and contribute to JHC’s growth and success and where that is recognised and rewarded.

Not a bad start?

Please join us on our journey, we’d love the company.

Thanks for listening.


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